Preparing for Camp-Insider Tips!

Camper forms, activity sign-ups, and store orders have been submitted!  THANK YOU to everyone who completed them on time. It makes planning for camp much easier. After reading through responses and talking with families over the last few weeks, we thought we would address some of our top-asked questions and offer some “tips” for our first timers:

Insider Tips-Packing for Camp

Here is our official Packing List but we know there can still be lots of questions like:


    • Can I bring my stuffed animals? You bet! In fact, most people do, including our counselors. But make sure your name is on your snuggly friend because there are times they have been left and that is super sad. It’s probably best to pick one to bring, not the whole herd.
    • What sort of costumes should I pack? We don’t require anything in particular but popular choices include tutus, sunglasses, bright colored wigs, unicorn/animal headbands- (themes are great!) the sillier the better! No feather boas please. 
  • Should I bring my favorite towel? NO! Do not pack towels from home. Most likely they will get lost or mildewed. We have an entire laundry room filled with nice, fresh towels that we will provide to campers as they need.
  • What sort of bedding should I bring? While camp provides sheets and blankets, most campers bring their own. Usually a cheap comforter, or thick blanket is warm enough. For the June session, an extra blanket isn’t a bad idea as temperatures tend to be cooler at night! Leave the egg crates at home. If you are wanting a little extra padding, bring a fitted mattress topper. This must return home!
  • What if something gets lost? Ugh. It’s a big bummer, and while we can’t guarantee things won’t get misplaced or left at camp, we can give you some tips. The biggest one is LABEL EVERYTHING with the camper’s full name, not just the initials! Mabel’s Labels is great and you get a discount by entering camp’s name! When in doubt, pull out the sharpie. Label the undies, the socks, the waterbottle- all of it! Trust us, it’s the only way we can make sure items get back to the right person. DO NOT pack valuable items. Lulu lemon, athleta, brand names, and fancy sneakers do not go well with camp. Things get dirty, lost, wet, etc, and it’s way better to bring items that are used that can get even dirtier.


OK, so those are the top asked packing questions. But what about those big “what if” questions, you know the ones that make us have the nervous tummy, night time worry questions. We get a lot of those, and I think some of you may be happy to know you are NOT ALONE in having these questions:

  • What if I don’t get enough to eat at camp? We serve three big meals a day and have a daily snack that usually includes fruit, granola bars, or crackers. It can be an adjustment from home, where snacks are readily available! Usually campers get into a routine after day 2 or 3 and find plenty of options that keep them full, however, if you are hungry and finding it hard to find food you like, tell your counselor or a director! We can help! 
  • What if I wet the bed? No biggie! Happens all the time, and your counselor can make sure your sheets get washed and changed before anyone knows. Just tell your counselor when she wakes up and she will take care of it. Lots of girls wear pull ups too! If you are feeling embarrassed, a good tip is to keep a pullup tucked in your bed and you can slip them on at night when everyone is in bed, then you can throw them away in the morning when you wake up. The trash cans are pretty private in the shower house and cabin!
  • What if I can’t sleep? Sleep is important at camp, and anywhere! But it’s also a new environment with new noises and surroundings. It can be an adjustment but we usually find that after a few days campers are so tired they fall asleep pretty easily. You can always read in bed if you can’t fall asleep, as long as you are quiet. Another great thing about camp is rest hour! Every day after lunch we have quiet time in our cabins. It’s a great time to snooze, or just relax. We never want campers to be overly exhausted at camp, so if there is a time you need to take a rest during the day, we can make it happen. 
  • What if I miss home? You probably will and that is a normal part of camp. AND it doesn’t mean you also won’t be able to have fun. Your counselor can help you work through ways to ease the sadness. We recommend staying busy and taking advantage of all camp has to offer! Another pro-tip? A good snuggle with camp dogs Ralph or Churro goes a long way!


Well, there you have it! And as always, we welcome any and ALL questions you may  have! Can’t wait to see you all soon!