May 24, 2019

Yesterday was an exciting day as we welcomed thirteen enthusiastic staff members to begin lifeguard training. Staff members who are excited to serve this community and have opted to come a few days early to put in some extra time, so our campers are fully guarded around our splashy spots! We call this our practice … Continued

Activity Spotlight-Puppetry!


“Pup-pup-puppetry!” Is a catchy tune we have heard often the last few years. This chant, created by enthusiastic counselors, expresses the fun and quirky activity- puppetry! A relatively new addition to camp, puppetry offers a chance to mix art and drama. It’s also one of my favorite spots to visit during the summer. It often … Continued

Activity Spotlight-Faith and Fellowship

One of the greatest reminders of the value of camp is hearing from families, former campers, and staff members about the ways camp continues to bring joy into their everyday life.  We often receive hand-written notes, photos, or Christmas cards expressing gratitude for camp and the values gained as a result of this greater community. … Continued

Activity Spotlight-Woodworking!

Our next “Activity Spotlight” is on Woodworking! Whether it’s the clouds of saw dust, the smell of fresh- cut pine, or the sounds of the electric sanders- the wood-shop creates an environment that puts our senses to the test! Woodworking is an Illahee favorite because of the unknown challenges that come with learning new skills. … Continued

Activity Spotlight- The Arts!

Illahee remains a haven in an unpredictable world- a phenomenon that we don’t take for granted, and one that this community strives to preserve. This can be challenging in a place that has shaped so many lives, and created lasting memories. Finding the balance between change and tradition is necessary. As we near our 100th … Continued

March-ing On!

The daffodils have moved beyond small hints of spiky tufts, and now sprinkle the hillsides in bright yellow blooms- signaling spring is just around the corner! The trees are still looking bare around camp, and I think we would all agree that it would be nice to shed our winter coats and retire the space heaters … Continued

Camp Goals!

A new year is well underway and with that brings much excitement as we begin the countdown toward another awesome Illahee summer. Each year offers a fresh perspective when looking ahead. This is true for the year-round directors as our wheels are turning with plans for the summer. Not only have we been brainstorming ways … Continued

Shout Out to Illahee Families!

December is a festive month in the heavenly world. Apart from the usual holiday celebrations, there is lots of excitement around camp. We are wrapping up the travel season and have loved seeing Illahee girls in their hometowns. Thank you to everyone who came out to see the 2018 summer highlights video (it will be … Continued

Camp Tours Have Begun!

Gardner just returned from the first road show of the season- a tour through Houston, Dallas and New Orleans.  Lindsey heads south to Charleston tomorrow. Our brand-new video with highlights from the 2018 season is the feature at each camp show, along with a chance to meet other campers and visit with hosts and directors.  … Continued

Changing Seasons!

Camp is full of color right now. The rhododendrons are spotted with yellow leaves, crisp red maples are turning and the colorful oaks loom high above us. The pines stay green for a while and tease us that winter is a long way off. We wake up to freezing temperatures, but the afternoons have left … Continued