Spark Day and Air Band!

Trips kayakers return from a successful trip to the lake.
Trips kayakers return from a successful trip to the lake.

I certainly don’t want to jinx things, but one sure sign of a great staff is that I have not seen a homesick tear yet this summer, and we are almost four weeks into the season! An interesting phenomenon with homesickness…the campers who struggle with it at the start of a session are usually the same girls who are the most emotional in saying their goodbyes at the end of the summer. I guess they have a lot invested in their own success. I wouldn’t wish a bout of homesickness on any girl, but I’ll tell you…working through it is an added benefit. Don’t be too surprised if you receive a letter that is less than enthusiastic. It likely was written within hours of your departure given the age of the old gray mares in the Pony Express that takes the US Mail from Brevard. If you do get this letter, save it for the scrapbook, and know that it has most certainly improved since it was written. Check in with Laurie if you have any doubts.

I wonder if you’ve caught the story making the rounds in the last couple of days about “popcorn brain”? The theory is that we have become such good multi-taskers that our brains have become used to constant stimulation by technology…our ipods and iphones, computers and games…and that it is hard for us to unplug and sit still. They’re talkin our language! It usually takes us a couple of days to weed out all the cell phones from Pineview, but a tech vacation is certainly a modern-day benefit of spending a session at camp for a lot of girls. No need to post your status on Facebook because there are plenty of friends who are right there with you. This has been a hot topic among camps for several years now as devices become more capable. Many of us are wondering where you draw the line? Ipods and Kindles, cameras and phones can all access the internet and the outside world. Several camps have drawn the line…no Ipods, no electronic devices…one even doesn’t allow digital cameras!

We are feeling the groove! It is so fun to settle into a session and have the new girls cruising around like they own the place. Activities have met on both days, schedules have been adjusted, trips climbing, kayaking and hiking have gone out, and the good work can begin. I look around and wonder what these girls will accomplish this summer and in their lives? There are some amazing girls at Illahee, both campers and staff. They attend the finest colleges, create amazing art, sound angelic in song, and are good friends. They are witty and wise, athletic and strong, hams and stoics. We come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing unites us all…a love for the community we create here. It has a name, but it is more the ideal that we all love. I started thinking about this as I have been following the Appalachian Trail “thru-hike” of Jen Davis.

Today was another beautiful day punctuated by an equally beautiful mountain thunder shower around rest hour. This one brought a few light rain drops and was not so dramatic, but enough to cool the afternoon warmth and also to add some nice melodies to the dreams of those who were sleeping. The smells and sounds of a rain shower in summer always make me think of camp. Today was Spark Day! Our oldest campers live like sardines in Pineview Lodge and Pine Branch, conveniently located a few yards from our front door 🙂 Today was their day. They were served breakfast in bed, and then boarded the convoy to the Pigeon River just over the line in Tennessee. Raging whitewater greeted their rafts as they enjoyed a trip down before returning for a pizza dinner and ice cream. Tonight’s evening program was Air Band, a camper favorite that has withstood the test of time. Each double cabin has a choreographed routine to a song. There are the expected: Justin Bieber, Britney and Lady Gaga…but also the very creative a bevy of girls dressed as nuns and Jesus with the pop gospel tune’s lyrics “Move to the left in the name of Jesus…could I just see you shake that booty that Jesus gave you?” Pretty cute!

All is well in the Heavenly! Tomorrow starts our encampment at Kuykendall…three nights and three hills camping under the stars!

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