Merry Christmas to All…

The good news is that our day recovered nicely after a pretty wet start. Whereas yesterday was misty and overcast, today, it flat out was raining through the morning…not a downpour that can deliver inches in an hour, but steady enough that I put my hood up on my parka when I was walking around … Continued

Nothing like a Great Camp Day!

It was NICE to be in camp all day today. And for those of you keeping score, being around this crowd settled any tech frustrations I may have been feeling last night when I was fighting with our website. It’s hard to stay mad when you’re at camp! And, (fingers crossed), I think I may … Continued

Hillbrook Goes to the Farm!

Today felt like a typical summer day at camp. Everyone is in their routine, activities are busy, the food is great, and there are lots of things going on to keep things exciting. We start every Wednesday morning a little earlier as our Heads of Hill join the leadership team to check in. We are … Continued