Activities Abound!

Summer camp girl learns to rappel on the climbing tower at Camp Illahee.
The hard work is getting up. Gravity takes care of most of the work getting down!

Our kayakers didn’t need to leave camp today! They could have launched their boats at the top of the steps across from the office about 2:30 and ridden the deluge all the way down the driveway! We got an inch of rain in about half an hour! Luckily, by a little after rest hour (we held it a little), blue skies had returned and we were in the clear again. It was a typical mountain gully-washer, and I often wonder if rest hour was designed for camps so that everyone could enjoy the sound of rain on the cabins’ metal roof. It does seem that if a shower does come, it will be during that stretch of time.

Energy was high today as excitement bubbled up with the start of activities. We have some little girls this session, and it’s so fun to watch the excitement of finally being at summer camp. Many of these girls have older sisters who they have had to drop off (and then leave) at Illahee for the past few summers, and it is finally their turn. I got a kick out of a new young camper in Cabin Two who wore her jodhpurs, riding helmet, and gloves all the way through breakfast and Rise and Shine. What I love about Illahee is that even from the older girls, there were a few smiles, and even a few questions: “are you excited about riding”?, but no snickers. It is such a loving family. This was evident again tonight as Pineview girls sought out some of the new Hillbrookers to help them feel at home at the County Fair.

We have a very experienced and talented kitchen crew back again this year. We have three different managers who each are the “Boss Ladies” at their own schools during the school year, and then Terry and Dee are the ones who can “make a mess.” The days of Peanut Butter and Jelly and Chicken Noodle Soup are long gone. Today’s camper has a pretty sophisticated palate and is way more health conscious than you and I were at that age. So, we have our menu and then we have the Encore Table with alternatives. Today, we had French Toast with bacon, bagels, cereal, and hard boiled eggs, with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. If I were in charge, I would probably kill the lunch menu, but it’s a good thing I’m not because it is a consistent camper favorite…grilled cheese, fritos, spinach dip, salad, tomato soup. Luckily there was an amazing tomato and mozzarella salad that Terry made, cottage cheese and peaches. Our dinner was “themed”: since it was the County Fair, we had Fair Food…hard to keep a growing boy in check with that menu…hot wings, salad, french fries and funnel cakes. Can you imagine? Double the statin tonight! Tomorrow calls for healthier fare.

The County Fair comes once a session and is THE place to be on a “fair” Illahee summer’s eve. Great decorations, fun costumes, lots of activity from a Moonwalk and dunking booth, to Fortune telling, face painting, limbo, Putt Putt, basketball and bean bag tosses, Pony Rides, and LOTS of dancing. Some of our best video footage comes from campers and counselors “cutting a rug.” It was a lively affair to be sure….

A quick reminder…please tell family and friends about our NO PACKAGE policy. We will return any packages sent to campers or hold them until their departure. Our policy takes the pressure off! Camp is the only gift your camper needs…

Laurie and I host a Bible Study for counselors on Tuesday mornings early and we have about 15-20 girls who are faithful attendees. They will be filing in around 6:40 in the morning, so we better get our beauty rest.

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  1. Great pictures and keep up the good timing on the rain. This is Paige Illahee camper and counselor during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.seeing the smiles on our granddaughter Abbi was reassuring that she will have a wonderful summer.

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