Not So Hot!

Camper Climbing on the Nose of Looking Glass
Climbing on the Nose of Looking Glass

Usually in the South, when it’s hot…it’s thick. Yucky, sweaty thick. Humidity…or as the big tackle for the short-lived Memphis Showboats of the USFL said back in 1984 after a particularly hot and hard practice, “this humility’s killing me.” 🙂 As I predicted,the weather folks fell far short of the the predicted 97 degrees. It may have hit 90, but I think it was more like 88 with low humidity. In the shade, it was downright comfortable. When I left Heigh Ho at the farm, it was back in the mid 70’s and cooling fast. I LOVE living in the mountains with a nod to those of you in the concrete jungle. I understand that it hit 107 in Nashville and other big cities across the Southeast! Now, that’s hot. The great news is that we had another absolutely gorgeous day, cloudless and blue skies. Bill came in early and whipped up his terrific pancake batter that he has been perfecting over the past 10 years in camp’s kitchen. I am at that stage where I really “weigh” (no pun intended) most everything that finds my mouth to make sure it’s worth it. I could not pass on the pancakes. They’re that good. Laurie insists on link sausages whenever there are pancakes, and I did have willpower there, but most didn’t (I don’t blame them). There were also plenty of fresh strawberries cut to top them off.

I left early this morning to pick up the Pineview girls at the farm. Again, the accolades were overwhelming. The campers (and staff) love it out there. We do still have Kuykendall reserved for the summer, and I felt a little sad that it was left unused, especially since it usually fills reservation slots a full year before the requested date. I was happy that a couple of cabins on Hillbrook decided to take their Cabin Adventure night out there and hike, cook out and enjoy the area all to themselves. Heigh Ho is happily ensconced at the farm. I left them a little while ago well into enjoying s’mores and after a great dinner of grilled burgers and dogs and all the fixings. Our carpentry crew finished a new dock on the larger of the spring fed swimming ponds, and girls were enjoying a chance to beat the afternoon heat in the cool mountain water with counselors…and under the watchful eyes of the designated lifeguards.

Every day first thing in the morning (so today after we brought the Pineview girls back from the farm), our leadership team meets. We start with a discussion of any campers we need to bring up. Reasons could range from a bout of homesickness (don’t think there is any left), anyone in the Wishing Well with the nurses, great girls who just make us happy (most). We talk about how we can support staff, and then logistics for the many moving parts that make up each camp day. On Wednesdays, our Heads of Hills join us, and on Mondays, the non-cabin staff do.  Not much slips by. It’s nice to start the day on the same page.

Our son Turner got home today from his three-week session as a Counselor Assistant (Junior Counselor) at an area camp. He had a great time in a cabin with a group of thirteen year-olds, and paddling and backpacking as an activity. It’s nice to see both of our own kids in the family “mission” this summer. Gardner, our daughter is on staff at Illahee this summer. She had a cabin during three-week, and is taking a lot of the pictures we post as well as leading activities.

Tonight, the rest of the cabins on Hillbrook had other adventures. Cabins 1 and 4 headed to the campfire area and made s’mores and roasted bananas (with chocolate and marshmallows of course) in the campfire. They had a big time. A cabin made ice cream. Several made tie dyed t-shirts. Pineview did a reverse scavenger hunt and judging from their enthusiasm, had a big time. Teams had tasks like going off the Tarzan rope, drawing a picture of Laurie in chalk on the driveway, making oreo cookie sculptures, catch a tadpole, write a thank-you note to Gretchen, dress someone up like their counselor (without using her clothes), make an inspirational speech…they were all judged on quality. 🙂

Tomorrow, we slide into our first weekend…Saturdays in our camp world are much like other days…pretty perfect. It is hard to believe that we have finished a week. Everyone is happy and healthy and loving being in the Heavenly!

7 responses to “Not So Hot!

  1. I so love to read your daily blogs.
    Being English, camps are not something we grew up with, but I so love the fact that our daughter has the oppurtunity to enjoy all that you provide at Illahee. I truly believe that it is the Heavenly World.
    You all put so much into making the experience so special for all the girls. Thank you all so much. I almost wish I was a little girl again!!!

  2. Another great day. I know my Eva will come home and have so many wonderful tales to share with all of us. I want to be Camp Photographer, but don’t think I could keep the pace. I will just look forward to the gallery every day.
    Thank you all,

  3. I love the updates! I have first year camper. It looks as though she is having a blast. I went to camp growing up and your words remind me of my greatest summers. Thank you!

  4. We look forward to reading your blogs daily and thumbing through all of the great photos from the day. It gives us a slice of life in the Heavenly and boy does it look like fun! As first time camper parents it also helps us with “kid sickness” (ha ha).

    We are so impressed with all of the love and fun you bestow upon our girls. You all go the extra mile and it shows in the smiling faces. We feel fortunate to have found Camp Illahee.


  5. The daily updates are fabulous as always! This is my tenth summer as an Illahee parent, and I have never missed reading even one daily update. I loved the rooster story! It doesn’t get any more honest and real than that! Thanks for taking the time to share the news from Illahee!
    Louise Rollins

  6. I agree with Allison. I was worried about our first time camper being homesick and it looks like it is worse for me! Thanks for sharing the funny stories and details of the day. I am amazed at all the wonderful things packed into two weeks. Thank you!

  7. Oh, and a big thank you to Gardner for all the precious photos!! She is doing an amazing job…

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