O.K. So It’s Kind of Hot…

Summer Campers Jump into the Swim Lake Arms in the Air
The Swim Lake is THE Place to Be on a Warm Summer Day!

I’m sitting in a theater of 300 halfway watching Dreamworks’ Puss n Boots. The other 299 are campers and staff, and I am in an inconspicuous corner, Ipad hidden…checking in with you all. Ain’t technology grand? At least tonight. This will probably be the post of the summer that will take me the longest to finish because I haven’t seen the movie, and I find myself looking up occasionally to catch up with the movie. This a first for us. We bought a new video set-up with a monster screen and projector that pulls up against the ceiling of the Rec Lodge…out of the way so basketballs and other flying objects won’t hit it when not in use. But tonight it was in use for the entire camp for our “drive in” movie. It used to be that we would program in a movie once or twice a session, depending on length…but by Hill. Three hills…three movies. All in McLeod, our lodge on the lake where we meet each morning for Rise n Shine. We still have our set-up in there…it gives us the flexibility to do different videos for different age groups.

Picking a movie suitable for all ages is not the easiest thing. Think of a movie that you enjoyed with the entire family, and then go online and read parental reviews…most that you think are innocuous probably are not. So Puss N Boots it is. After three big days, lots of trips and camp outs, plenty of activity both in camp activities and evening program, it is the evening that is just what the doctor ordered…low key, cool, and entertaining. And to top it off, everyone was served ice cold Cheerwine floats to enjoy with the movie.

It got a little warm this afternoon. I think the temperature was about the same, and it was fine if you stayed in the shade, but the air was stiller today than yesterday, and it just felt a little warmer than I like. I actually joined Splash fifth period (as a participant, not a lifeguard) and I will tell you…the swim lake was glorious. I probably would still be there if I wasn’t summoned to help get dinner started. I actually spent most of the period sitting on a tube beneath the Tarzan swing with a waterproof GoPro video camera…filming girls heading off the swing for the first time, and also plenty of Pros, trying to perfect their back flips. I got some coming down the Streak too, and then some divers flipping off the diving board.

Heigh Ho had a great time at the farm last night, and most girls decided to sleep out under the stars leaving the confines of the barn loft and tents for cooler, more open sleeping accommodations. I did post a few pictures this morning from last night so check back in yesterday’s galleries to get a feel for the farm and the overnight. Almost all the girls christened the new dock and enjoyed the swimming pond.

All of our Trips Trainers got out of camp today to get a taste of what Trips climbing and kayaking are like. The kayakers went over to the French Broad, and the climbers to Looking Glass. Speaking of Trips, Caroline put together a fun little video of footage that the Trips kayakers from the June session took. This will give everyone an idea of the beauty of this little corner of the world.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week. We have so much to be thankful for at Illahee, especially your girls! Heigh Ho will lead the entire camp in worship at our beautiful Woodland Chapel. Song and Scripture, stories and homily. Everyone will get a little extra shut eye tonight, and then take their time coming to a breakfast delivered in the wee hours by the Krispy Kreme man. That’s not really breakfast…more like dessert for breakfast, so there will be hard boiled eggs, bagels, fruit, cereal and milk. We’ll take cabin pictures and portraits tomorrow so pictures will be prolific (as they are every day). We’ve switched things up program-wise and will be doing a Swim Olympics instead of our regular Olympics so we can all enjoy the lake some more. I’m looking forward to it.

It’s been an amazing week in the Heavenly, and we have some exciting things planned for next week, especially the Fourth! Hope you are staying cool wherever you are.

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  1. Every photo we see, our Eva is wearing the biggest smile imaginable. She is a very special girl, and we are so happy that she is in such a loving and caring place. Thank you all!

  2. Movie and a Cheerwine float, the end of the day doesn’t get much better than that!

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