Lost and Found!

Liza and Newton in the back of a truck.
Liza and Newton, the Illahee yellow labs, needed help to get in the back of the truck for the trip home. They were “dog tired.”

The Strayhorns came home after a post-camp vacation to some really sad news…Liza and Newton had been missing for two days! Generally, we board them at our local doggy camp when we leave town, but this time, we decided to leave them under the capable care of Gallagher, who is living in the “Villa” through the winter. Newton loves his bed, and we thought they could hang out in the office like they always do, sleep at home, and be much happier. In this age of social media, we pulled out all the stops. A posting went up on all of our Facebook accounts, and local friends re-posted it. We arranged for an ad in the paper, called the sheriff who let his deputies know, and put up REWARD signs all over town.

You can imagine the response! Not Liza and Newton! They are the camp dogs! I’ll have to admit, as each day passed (three days missing now), I was more and more discouraged. They were last seen Saturday afternoon. Finally, on Tuesday at 5:00 PM, Laurie ┬áreceived a call. The twenty-year old daughter of a local business owner had picked them up and taken them home with her. They were twelve miles away in Toxaway! We’re still a little sketchy on the exact details, but Liza is sporting a new collar with a TAGG GPS locator on it. Newton doesn’t wander, but now we know exactly where Liza goes on her daily routine…it isn’t to Toxaway. She stops by to say hello to the Akins, our nearest neighbor…checks in on a family on Catawba Lane, and then comes home. My guess is that there is a treat or two involved. All’s well that ends well. Liza and Newton are safe at home!