We Love this Time of Year!

Summer staffer Becca V hugs Laurie on a recent visit.

We love this time of year!  Each day our mail carrier, Brandy, brings in holiday cards and greetings from camp families.  Laurie, Gretchen, and Kris are on the phone catching up with counselors and Junior counselors who are fresh off of the exam trail. Laurie even caught up with Becca for lunch on her way through Asheville for the holidays. We’ve been fortunate to enjoy a mild few weeks with time on the trails at Dupont State Park and in Pisgah Forest.  It’s a festive time of year!

In addition to putting together the best staff ever for 2014, we have been doing some renovations to camp buildings.  New archery targets and renovations to the range will help to keep archery among the favorite activities next summer.  The Sparks will be excited to know that there are some improvements being made to Pineview Lodge and Pinebranch!  A new roofline will allow for a painting loft in the cabin so that Final Night prep will be top secret!  The Sparks will enjoy a spruced up bathroom as well.

The 2014 highlights DVD’s are shipping out to current camp families on Christmas Eve!  They should arrive shortly after Santa makes his deliveries!  From Camp Illahee, we wish you the best Holiday ever!