Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, second of course, to the Fourth of July at Hannah Ford Farm. The simple fact that the entire day revolves around food is enough for me, but sprinkle in loved ones, football, and food comas -it’s a recipe for happiness!

OK, ok…This would be a little misleading if I wrote about the constant bubbly and joyful feelings surrounded by the holiday; my relatives, and the pure satisfaction I feel when participating in forced family activities such as Thanksgiving family sing-a-longs (this actually happens every holiday). Don’t get me wrong, family is amazing, and I am beyond fortunate to have such incredible people as part of mine. We have fun together, and laugh a lot, and we love each other well. But I think it can all boil down to my three-year-old son, Brooks’s honesty after a week of no daycare and time together. We were playing on the floor with his Legos for what felt like the 27th hour and in his sweet matter-of-fact voice he looked into my eyes and said, “Mom, I’m a little bit sick of you”. I was too taken aback by his innocent expression, and the hilarity of the moment to be offended. I laughed…hard.

I could relate. Holidays can be trying for us introverts, especially if young children are in the mix. If you’re like me and routine is your loyal companion, then you may have joined me in a tiny sense of relief to be back at the desk this week, and the kiddos back at theirs.

Joking aside, the change of pace is good. Taking time out of our busy lives and slowing down in honor of thankfulness is also good (even if it is forced 😊 ).  We have a lot to be thankful for in the Heavenly World. While the pace is slower around camp during these cold months, we all have projects that are underway. We are in the midst of staff hiring, including the junior counselors. They are rising seniors in high school, who are paired with senior counselors in cabins and teach activities. They also take on the major responsibility of dishwashers throughout the sessions. Although we know many of them from their camper years, the JCs submit a formal application and complete an interview with a director.

It’s exciting to be a part of the process, which continues to grow an awesome staff, especially when the prospects are ones like these. I have been so struck by this group of JCs and their incredible experiences and the opportunities they are undertaking. Each one is actively involved in school programs, sports, and extracurriculars. Outside of school, they have spent time abroad participating in exchanges or volunteering in underprivileged countries. A few are already interested in medical school and have spent summers in rigorous camps, preparing them for this path. From creating their own day camps to Governor’s school, these girls are impressive. Not only on paper, but in their conversations. There is a confidence and strong sense of self in many of these interviews, and most acknowledge camp as a huge force behind their character. They are the definition of Great Girls and we are excited they are willing to share their passions with us this summer. The time and energy our staff put into this place is invaluable.

To our staff and our families we are thankful for you!

Happy holidays to you all,