Coming Soon!

Twelve Inches of snow blanketed Camp Illahee last Friday, just in time for a snowbound weekend.  I was in New York with a dozen Manhattan based Illahee girls enjoying the last camper gathering before the New Year.  Having raised two children at a summer camp, parenting in the city is intriguing.  Our family’s “tree-dition” is to drive around the corner to a local farm, while our New York families hike to Whole Foods for their trees often carrying them 8 to 10 blocks back to their apartments.

Even with all the festive decorations around Rockefeller Plaza, along Fifth  Avenue, and at the Metropolitan Museum, my evening with campers was my NYC highlight.  This was a talkative bunch and it was all about camp!  The seasoned campers were sharing advice.  They talked about how many ways they can overcome fears at camp.  Camper stories included conquering the Beanstalk; rolling a kayak; playing soccer with older campers; and traveling to camp without knowing anyone.  During all these stories, they kept mentioning their counselors and how much they nurture and provide security.  The culture of love and acceptance pervades the Illahee experience.

Back in camp, we have been catching up with our counselors as they struggle through exam season.  We have a great group shaping up for next summer.  We’ve also been shipping out Christmas gifts for Santa’s elves, and recently started construction on the new swim bleachers.  Today started with the arrival of the concrete truck in sub-20-degree weather.

This is our favorite time of the year as we anticipate gathering with family and friends.  We have enjoyed the holiday cards from so many camp families and look forward to visiting Atlanta and Charlotte in early January with the final Illahee roadshow stops. Meanwhile, the 2017 summer highlights video that we have been sharing in living rooms throughout the fall, will be revealed next week!  Check back in to find your link to the summer highlights on Thursday!

Merry Christmas to All!  Laurie