Illahee Magic!

We are March-ing towards camp at a rapid speed and can hardly believe we are a short three months away! Temperatures have not quite warmed up and Brooks, my four-year-old, took an accidental dip into the canoe lake last weekend, and emphatically stated, “feels good!” I don’t think it’s quite Splash ready…

The office has been a buzz of, staff hiring the waking of “the beast” (our own term for bringing camp’s facility back to life). The year-round crew spent last week in Orlando, FL at the happiest place on earth. Not a spontaneous Spring Break trip, we went for the American Camp Association National Conference along with hundreds of other camp directors from all over the country. From staff training, to mental health, and sessions on group games and the future of camping- there was so much to choose from and so many amazing people to share with!

It made sense to host this event at Disney World, as Disney and camp have many commonalities; the previous CEO of the Walt Disney Company, was Michael Eisner. Interestingly, Eisner, a longtime camper and counselor, attributes much of his success throughout adulthood to his years at camp. His experience was largely incorporated into his business model which enabled much of Disney’s success and expansion. He writes about his leadership style in his book, Camp. Surprised? Me neither.

One major commonality between Disney and camp is the occurrence of magic moments that spark a lifetime of memories. This sounds like a Hallmark card, but it’s so true! Our favorite conference speaker  Dan Heath,  shared this idea. Camp is a place where these moments are sprinkled throughout every day. It’s a place we can act outside the “norm” and be celebrated and filled with wonder and surprise. We celebrate each girl who rolls through our gates, and want her experience to be full of magic moments. These moments are what forms our memories and our experiences! If this isn’t an argument for the value of camp, then I don’t know what is.

Frankly, I’ll challenge Disney’s claim as the Happiest Place on Earth. I mean, what can be happier than the heavenly world!  Here’s to the upcoming summer filled with magic moments…

Until next time,