April Showers Bring…EXCITEMENT!

This month’s mantra, “April showers…” has been broken and we have now had 72 hours of sunshine! Despite waking up to freezing temps, we are singing praises. The Heavenly World is a-bloom and looks beautiful. After a month of grey mist, the trees and grass have reaped the benefits and are greener than ever.

The quiet office has been disrupted by the cranking of leaf blowers and chainsaws. To the year- round crew this means summer. And to Henry, our camp pup, it means sheer terror- we are doing our best to work past his intense fear of the leaf blower, planning to arm the maintenance guys with treats to drop as they clear the leaves.

Illahee’s “factotum,” Gordon, traded in his Chevy truck for a Boom lift this week and has been high in the trees as our newest arborist. This has been the year of tree work. We are so fortunate to have the vast shady surroundings, and the giant oaks and pines that have been here since the first directors. There is so much history surrounding these trees- after all we hail the Pine every night. So, you better believe we are undertaking “operation tree preservation”, just adding some minor trims and some large equipment.

We are wrapping up some other exciting projects. Cabin 32 is almost ready for its debut and is looking like Buckingham Palace. And if you have ever been on Pineview and thought “Hmm..I wish there were more showers”…your wish is our command! The shower house got some major TLC this year, and we are pretty sure you won’t think twice about that steam shower back home. Hooray for Pineview makeovers!

These projects are exciting and each year we look forward to the ways we can improve camp. Seeing this vision take shape is especially rewarding at this time of year. But the real excitement revolves around campers and their arrival! No matter what projects are underway, the true heart of camp is the community.

This morning in our weekly meeting, Laurie asked each of us what we are excited for this upcoming summer. Dave and Gretchen both answered, “the enthusiasm of this upcoming staff.” Of course, counselors are always excited about coming to camp; how could they not be? But there is a difference between being excited and being enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is an “eager enjoyment or interest, something inspiring zeal or fervor.” To many, the camp community and the experiences it provides is what inspires them. When staff are enthusiastic, it creates a community of curiosity and positivity. Enthusiasm drives girls to inspire and serve others, rather than to focus inward. This is crucial in building relationships, especially in today’s world of isolated screens and media!

Enthusiasm is contagious and is such an essential characteristic of camp!  So here’s to an exciting spring making the way for an enthusiastic summer!

Until next time.