Activity Spotlight-Puppetry!


“Pup-pup-puppetry!” Is a catchy tune we have heard often the last few years. This chant, created by enthusiastic counselors, expresses the fun and quirky activity- puppetry! A relatively new addition to camp, puppetry offers a chance to mix art and drama. It’s also one of my favorite spots to visit during the summer. It often draws the younger crowd, elementary aged campers who still get lost within their imaginations.

A day in the life of a puppetry class varies, but they are always about creating.  A simple sock-like material gradually transforms into a personality of its own. I often walk into these classes, full of giggles as girls discuss which yarn hairstyle the puppet will have, “should I go with the yarn up-do, or the braid?” “Button eyes, or beads?”

Often, the puppets are characters from our own Heavenly World, which always leads to a good laugh. Henry, the dog, usually makes an appearance in the production, as well as Laurie and Gordon, with uncannily similar characteristics for glued on facial features. The second part of puppetry class includes collaborating as a team to write and produce an original script.

The puppetry performance and the end of the session is a chance for the puppeteers to showcase their work in front of the entire camp and to be recognized for their creative endeavors! This is an activity that allows campers to be silly and use their imaginations – a refreshing break from structured play and busy schedules. Here’s to pup-pup-puppetry!  I can’t wait to see what this year’s productions have in store!

Thanks for reading Illahee family!