May 24, 2019

Yesterday was an exciting day as we welcomed thirteen enthusiastic staff members to begin lifeguard training. Staff members who are excited to serve this community and have opted to come a few days early to put in some extra time, so our campers are fully guarded around our splashy spots! We call this our practice week as we begin light meals in the dining hall, open cabins, and dust off the last of the cobwebs. It is exciting to see camp bustling with people again, and I think the year-round directors let out a sigh of relief knowing the time is here as we wrap up last minute preparations. We have realized there are always things that need to get done, and most likely things that won’t end up getting done. And that is ok. Seeing people arrive remind us of the bigger community we are a part of!

We are officially in the final countdown as we prepare to welcome over 270 enthusiastic and jittery families through the Illahee gates. This next week is geared towards helping counselors learn ways to welcome these campers and support them through their time at camp.

As we prepare to open, we want to share the many ways that an Illahee girl can “Try Everything!” Here’s to the best summer ever!

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