Why Camp? Growth in Confidence!

If anyone had said to 2019 Gardner, “A year from now your trendiest outfit accessory will be an N-95 mask,” I would have stared blankly; little did I know my 2020 Google search history would frequently include “What’s the best mask with filter?” This year has been a year of unusual questions. Questions we never … Continued

Preaching to the Choir

Moving into the new year always brings excitement for the upcoming summer, and we are ecstatic about 2021! We will be reunited with many girls who we haven’t seen in two years, and we are eager to meet new campers who had to put off their first summer. Some of the counselors who missed last … Continued

Thanksgiving Gatherings

Last week Gardner kicked off a Thankfulness campaign on camp’s Instagram and it’s been inspiring to see the messages of gratitude come in from Illahee girls. We’ve put together their thoughts in a Thanksgiving Video. This is a unique Thanksgiving with Zoom family reunions and smaller tables. Our family has been wrestling with Thanksgiving plans … Continued

A Fall Road Trip

We just returned from three weeks on the road covering twelve states and 3000 miles- a New England Road tour. This wasn’t our typical Camp Illahee fall road show which would include packed living rooms and campers gathered around to watch the most recent highlights video! We had the opportunity to go a different route … Continued

Wedding Bells and Engagements!

We all can use some good news during this season… we have a recent wedding and an engagement to tell you about! With large scale parties “on hold” for the near future, Turner and Marie tied the knot on a Colorado mountain top in June! While their event was a little different from the wedding … Continued

You Can Take the Girl Out of Camp, but You Can’t Take Camp out of the Girl!

Today’s pleasant highlight was a McLeod porch visit with alums Ellis Pearce and Brevard resident Kitty Coleman Neff who chose Illahee as a spot to catch up, tell camp stories, and enjoy a picnic. Friends since the 1960’s when Ellis was a camper and Kitty a counselor, their camp experience spans generations and groups of … Continued

Joy in Re-Connecting…

I am writing over the loud hum of the leaf-blowers, one of the many sounds of summer. In years past I would have greeting that sound with an annoyed sigh, but lately I have found a sort of comfort in the familiarity of it. After a stormy and rain-heavy weekend, the maintenance guys are on … Continued

Camp with Masks is Better Than No Camp At All!

In April a parent from California emailed us a You Tube Video about an American family in South Korea returning to school. Her subject was “Camp with masks is better than no camp.” My reaction was “No Way…camp in masks?” On May 15th we had made the heart breaking decision to cancel our season. On … Continued

A Slower Pace…

It is hard to fathom that we are nearing the end of June. Are we the only ones who feel like time is more blurry this summer? Usually in June, our days are perfectly orchestrated into a schedule dictated by the ringing of the bell signalling activities, rest hours, and evening programs. Adjusting to life … Continued

Outpouring of Love

“A roller coaster of emotions” hardly describes our feelings since Friday’s announcement to cancel this summer. It is more accurately a typhoon or a super cyclone of emotions. We know you all can relate, after hearing from many of our families and their response to the news. If you “took to the bed” on Friday, … Continued