The Pleasures of Ice-Cream and Sliding Rock!

Some of you may not know about the Sliding Rock Challenge. A trip to this natural rock slide in the Davidson River is part of every Illahee girl’s session. I like to accompany every trip…they’re just that fun. Despite the silliness and pure pleasure of watching so much fun, I like to make sure we’re … Continued

Simple Living and Air Band!

It’s interesting to me that the more complicated our lives get, the more we yearn for simpler times. There are websites and magazines dedicated to helping us simplify, and they are BIG business. I’m pretty convinced that a lot of the angst in the world is born in these layers of complication. For me, the … Continued

First Day of Activities and County Fair!

Technology moves a heck of a lot faster than we do, but it is fun to utilize some of it to give you all a glimpse of all the fun we are having. With that in mind, here are a couple of items of interest: we will try to upload pictures in almost real time … Continued

The Best Summer Ever!

But, this morning felt a lot like I remember Christmas feeling when I was Hillbrook age. Yesterday, I was dead-tired from the last “push” to get ready and then got “schooled” by my sixteen year-old on the Butter Gap trail on mountain bikes last night…(we left at 6:30 PM and rode until almost nine and … Continued