Camp Friends…

Is that hometown buddy a necessity for a great summer at camp?  Some parents worry about their daughter coming to camp without a friend from home.  While walking into a new cabin group might feel intimidating, having the opportunity to make brand new friends is one of the best parts of camp!

A summer at camp is a chance to reinvent oneself.  The quiet girl at school may be the first person to jump on stage at Airband.  The “A” student may have a chance to let her hair down and relax.  The “C” student may find that she is the cabin leader at camp and the one encouraging the group or helping to navigate differences.  The only child will experience what it’s like to share a room and compete with siblings.  The baby of the family will find new opportunities for independence.

Camp gives girls the chance to draw on their strengths in different ways while exploring a variety of skills.  The cabin group becomes a family, and our strong counselors help girls get to know each other and appreciate each other’s personalities.  We encourage girls to come to camp ready for new friends and new experiences!  So when you arrive at camp, don’t be surprised to hear:

“Welcome to Illahee…our mountains echo welcome to thee…where bowers of flowers bloom in the sun; old campers new trampers guests and everyone.  Oh welcome to our land of jolly fun; we are happy you have come. And to our guests we’ll give a cheer. Oh welcome welcome welcome here!”