Miss Independent!

I am sitting at home with my seven year old, Brooks, watching him create play-dough sculptures as I write from my couch. He has begun launching homemade cannonballs through the hall. We are on what seems to be his 100th Virtual Day of the school year. The threat of ice prompted Transylvania County to call … Continued

Welcome Turner and Marie!

We have some Big News! Marie Armbruster and Turner Strayhorn will be joining the year-round Illahee director team in April. Marie will be Program Director and Turner will focus on the Facilities and Technology for camp. We are excited to see what this avid outdoors-loving couple will bring to Illahee. Marie completed her master’s in … Continued

Why Camp? Friendships that Last a Lifetime!

On the eve of my first day of camp I would lie in bed fretting well into the night. This happened every year. I always stressed over the same thing, “What if I don’t make any friends?” It’s every girl’s nightmare, but rarely is that worry ever brought to fruition. I would bet that most … Continued

Why Camp? Growth Through New Experiences!

Gretchen and Laurie were having a conversation with a camp dad the other day.  I overheard them laughing and tuned in to hear him say,  “My girls have been in one zone all year, and it’s the comfort one!” They have been based in their living room (their virtual classroom) since August, and he has … Continued