Welcome Baby Jasper

Gardner and Lucas welcomed Jasper into the world on October 13th, a week ago, in Columbia, SC. At 7lb 11oz and 20″ long, he was the same size as his brother Brooks on his December 25th, 2013 birthday. And both boys were born on a great-grandmother’s birthday- Brooks on Gordon’s mother as well as Laurie’s Christmas birthday and Jasper on Laurie’s mother, Mimi’s 80th birthday. How cool is that?!

Laurie and Gordon camped in their Sprinter van in Gardner and Lucas’ driveway for the past week to “help out.” Marie ran a 50K ultra marathon (YES! 31 miles!) in Pisgah on Saturday. She and Turner drove down afterward to enjoy lots of baby snuggles between throwing the football with Brooks, walking Churro through the neighborhood, and decorating for Halloween. Visits to the trampoline park, grocery runs, and lots of laundry kept us busy. Gardner, Lucas, Brooks and Jasper are all doing well and enjoying this special family time.

We can’t wait for our Illahee family to meet Jasper at camp this summer!
Cheers! Laurie

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  1. Gardner and Lucas,
    Wishing you many congratulations on the birth of your new son, Jasper.
    Illahee love,
    Illahee’s Original Carole

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