Sliding Rock, Bingo and Swim Party!

Illahee camper takes picture at sldiing rock
This should be some great video footage!

Gordon is off at Sliding Rock with the Hillbrook and Mini 1 session campers.  It seemed like a good night to help him out with the blog since it’s nearly 10:00 and they are almost back to camp.  With the warm weather, Sliding Rock is a welcome relief and it was fun to watch the campers head out from the dining hall talking about which flavor Dolly’s ice cream would be their choice this evening.  I enjoyed the evening as head lifeguard for the Pineview swim party.  I love it when the campers ask, “Are you a lifeguard?” and I can say “Yes.” They always reply, “Cool,” and when you get toward your “upper 40’s” being thought of as “cool” is something not to take for granted.  It was a magical evening on the swim lake with the older campers piled on inner tubes, challenging each other on the Tarzan and squealing as they flew down the Streak.  I just love it when older campers giggle, and watching the friendships and camraderie on the lake made me smile.  I could hear the cheers coming from the dining hall where Heigh Ho campers were playing a lively game of Bingo.  Head of Hill Anna was dressed in a green blazer and played the emcee.  Each cabin had been given a line from a movie and they had to figure out the movie and then dress in costume accordingly.  Classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Jaws, Star Wars, Titanic, and Harry Potter were the themes picked.  Bingo is always more fun with a theme and of course a prize- tonight’s winners (and their table) worked for Oreos.  The Sparks spent the evening beginning their Final Night preparations.  When I got home the driveway was covered with butcher paper and the painting had begun!

This morning seems like days ago!  On Mondays we hit the ground running.  Gordon and I meet early on Monday morning with the trips staff and this week there was a lot to talk about as they are taking trips training girls out on kayak trips and climbing trips as well as the regular daily trips that go out.  We also have cabin groups  going on half day tubing trips as well as several canoeing trips.  I’m thankful that Dave has a good flow chart so that we can follow the plan.  We also check in with our riding staff before breakfast on Mondays and the adult staff.  We were briefing them on our 4th of July plans and all are excited about the evening with the full camp at the farm to celebrate the 4th.

Activities ran full force today and we enjoyed some relief with cooler temperatures.  Lunch today was a camper favorite- “Taco in a Bag”  – the taco is built into the frito bag and some girls eat their lunch right out of the bag.  I like to use my plate and build it into the salad.   I must admit that I was thankful for the addition of the salad bar and for Dee who has been making some wonderful specialty salads like tonight’s spinach with mandarin oranges and cranberries.  She makes her own dressings and also each day serves a different type of hummus.  She also puts homemade pimento cheese on the salad bar! (Can I count that as my salad?)  The camper counselor tennis tournament began during choice period and the courts were full.  It seems that every counselor participates- even the non-tennis players which can be humbling but keeps the tournament full of good spirit and sportsmanship.  The tennis courts are a popular gathering spot for the camp community.

Speaking of community, the Pineview campers are all gathered outside together listening to a bedtime story as an entire hill group…. I think I’ll go see what they are reading.  Sleep well and until tomorrow….Laurie.




3 responses to “Sliding Rock, Bingo and Swim Party!

  1. Laurie,
    How nice to “meet” you and to hear your delightful take on the day’s activities. And YES, pimento cheese is ALWAYS a salad! My Eva reports that the salad bar is her fav and has salad every meal! 🙂

    We all sleep well knowing our sweet girl is in good hands and is having such a wonderful camp experience!

  2. Thank you! Every letter I receive from Eva has happiness and excitement jumping from the page. She said the food is wonderful, especially the salad bar… what a treat! You all are so organized. I am amazed every day when I view the pictures. I am sure the Fourth of July will be dreamy at the farm. Enjoy!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that we received a second letter from Jax (the first told us that she is only a few cabins away from her cousin Clara:-), and it informed us that, in case we were wondering why her writing was a bit shaky, it was because her arms were really tired after making her first ascent of the beanstalk!!! We are so proud of Jax, so thrilled with the love and fun and learning you provide her in the Heavenly World, and so grateful for the warmth and camaraderie she finds at Illahee. Jax can be a little shy, but in every photo you post of her, I see her come out of her shell a bit more. Kudos to you both and your amazing staff for yet another wonderful summer in the Pisgahs!

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