Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, second of course, to the Fourth of July at Hannah Ford Farm. The simple fact that the entire day revolves around food is enough for me, but sprinkle in loved ones, football, and food comas -it’s a recipe for happiness! OK, ok…This would be a little misleading if … Continued

Ode to Rain

Campers enjoy a rain shower

During the summer an afternoon shower is often part of the daily routine. For many campers, it is a coveted time- it might mean a chance to finish a good page-turner, write a letter to family, or conquer the six-string lanyard that’s been days in process. It is a time to slow down and wait. … Continued

Six Flights in Seven Days and Thankful for Camp Friends Along the Way!

I may need a new travel agent….six flights in seven days!  What was I thinking? Asheville to Tampa to Ormond Beach to Houston to Dallas to New Orleans and back home in time to drive over to enjoy camp movies with Raleigh girls and counselors who trekked over from UNC Chapel Hill!  While it has … Continued